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Will out-of-stock items be available again?

When an item is listed as 'out of stock', we cannot guarantee that we will receive additional stocks of that product. Please check availability from time to time or add the desired item to your Wishlist 💙.

Where can I find the name or code of my product?

If your item still has the original tag, it shows the name and code of the item. Otherwise you should be able to find the product model on the internal label.

Is the fit the same for all garments?

For each product category we try to do our best to offer the best fit according to the intended purpose of the product. For this reason there may be differences in fit between our garments also related to the fabric with which it is composed.

What is the Piumerino?

Piumerino - Down jacket with a wool soul - Thanks to Ragno’s experience in wool processing we have created an incredibly light and thin duvet, exploiting the use of this particular ecological and renewable fiber the garment offers excellent thermoreg

Can I wash Ragno's garnments?

Besides being designed to last, our garments are also easy to care for. Always follow the instructions on the inner label to keep your garment perfect.

Can prices change?

Yes, as per the conditions of sale, the Seller reserves the right to change the price of the Products at any time, without notice. All our items have the same prices both in physical stores and on the website. In case of differences between the price